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Past Members

  • Carlos Esteban Puerto Santana (2022). Currently at Aingura IIoT. 
  • David Atienza González (2021). Currently at New Horizon Technologies.
  • Fernando Rodríguez Sánchez (2021). Currently at NielsenIQ.
  • Irene Córdoba-Sánchez (2020).
  • Javier Diaz-Rozo (2019). Currently at Aingura IIoT.
  • Marco Benjumeda Barquita (2019). Currently at Olocip.
  • Pablo Fernández González (2019). Currently at Abu Dhabi Investment Authority.
  • Sergio Luengo Sánchez (2019). Currently at Olocip.
  • Ignacio Leguey Vitoriano (2018). Currently at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos & ENAIRE.
  • Gherardo Varando (2018). Currently at Universitat de València.
  • Laura Antón Sánchez (2017). Currently at Universidad Miguel Hernández.
  • Alfonso Ibáñez Martín (2015). Currently at Telefónica.
  • Hanen Borchani (2013). Currently at SimCorp.
  • Hossein Karshenas (2013). Currently at University of Isfahan.
  • Pedro Luis López Cruz (2013). Currently at Schibsted Danmark.
  • Diego Vidaurre Henche (2012). Currently at University of Oxford & Aarhus University.
  • Guillermo Oliver de Haro.
  • Guillermo de Lima Rodríguez. Currently at Fabrick.
  • Javier Mesonero Pérez. Currently at Bluetab.
  • Mario Michiels Toquero. Currently at HM Hospitales.
  • Ander Alcón Ferreira. Currently at IAnser Vision.
  • Santiago Gil Begué. Currently at ING Direct & Universidad Nebrija.
  • Luis Guerra Currently at ING Direct.
  • Alberto Ogbechie Condes. Currently at Pfizer.
  • Luis Rodriguez Luján. Currently at Jobandtalent. 
  • Jesús Pérez Rodríguez. Currently at Google.

Note: Updated February 2024